• All applicants must possess the drive and commitment necessary to complete this certificate program. They must be able to keep up in a fast paced training environment as well as have the ability to work well with their student actors.
  • Students do not require previous training in film acting.
    students do not need to audition for this one month certificate program
  • this certificate program is ideal for students who wish to train on camera in basic film acting skills in a short period of time as well as learn if the professional film acting diploma program is the direction for them to take after completing this program.
    Students can apply their credits from this program to the professional film acting diploma program and also receive a $1,000.00 credit towards the diploma program.
  • Each applicant who is applying for admission to the acting school’s one month certificate program is required to furnish the information necessary for the school’s records.


  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • If student has not completed their high school education they must be at least 18 years of age or older and passed the “Wonderlic Test”, a superintendent approved qualifying test.
  • Student must provide a letter of intent to the Director of the Program.


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