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The acting schools 8 week teen’s program, 2.5 hours each week will prepare students in acting for the film & television industry with emphasis on professional on-set behaviour and procedures. The instructor will focus on training designed to enhance the student’s individual talents along with helping the student acquire professional knowledge and behaviour techniques.


Teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17 years of age who have a strong desire to train in film acting. The first half of the course will cover 4 weeks on camera introduction to film acting, how to drop into character, understanding the depth of a character, choice of actions, role playing, how to deliver lines as natural as possible as well as having the student become accustomed having a camera on them. The last 4 weeks will be on-camera introduction to t.v. commercials, how to perform silent on camera improvisations as well as verbal improvisation techniques. Material will be from previously Cast t.v.commercial scripts.


Class size is limited to 12 students to allow for maximum student/teacher interaction.


All students will receive a verbal assessment from the teacher. All students are invited to attend level l and level II which are categorized as beginner courses. After level II training the Academy gives out a written assessment to the student. Student has to be invited to attend level III training by the Academy based on their assessment.

Keypoint Class sessions will be video taped of each student for learning process.
The Tuition fee is $995.00
ON LINE TRAINING 4 weeks $495.00
IN PERSON TRAINING 4 weeks $495.00

ON LINE TRAINING 8 weeks $995.00
IN PERSON TRAINING 8 weeks $995.00
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