Basic Course: Auditioning for TV commercials




In the business of television and film it is well known that the commercial world of acting differs from what would be described as regular film / television acting. The actor has a very limited amount of time in which to convey an idea(s) to an audience, often without saying a word. In commercials an actor needs to have very good listening skills and be “light on their feet”, ready to change and adapt at a moment’s notice.


– This course is intended to help the Acting Schools student leave with a better degree of skill, understanding and confidence to be able to compete at a professional level.
– This course will consist of both theory and practical applications of the three main elements of improvisation through discussion and physical exercises.
– These three elements are; Who, What, and Where.
– “Who” is your character in any given moment or scene.
– “What” are you doing/saying in any given moment or scene.
– “Where” are you or what is your environment and how is it effecting your moment or scene.
– Sub-elements such as activity, attitude, conflict and points of view are worked on as well to help complete the moment or scene.
– Students will be shown the proper signing in process, professional etiquette at the audition.
– Sample sign-in sheets will be handed out.
– Students will be shown camera frame, slating and being able to comfortably talk about themselves on camera. They will also learn the difference between a principle, SOC and info-mercial commercials.

The Acting students will consistently be working on camera each day with scripted material.
The Acting Schools students will hold a Mock T.V. Commercial Audition on the last day of class with guest(s) if available from the industry such as agents, casting directors coming in to observe and give feed back to student’s performance.


Script material will be provided for film presentation to students

The Tuition fee is $975.00